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Casino mage hearthstone decklist

We've got a deck list for the latest meta, a few Mulligan tips to help you start your match well, and then a breakdown of all the core card combos that exist in the deck.
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If you can get some value from Pyromaniac drawing you a card then go for.
Odd Mage card choices and substitutions Odd Mage doesnt have too much room for manoeuvrability in its deck list, so weve highlighted some of the most important cards, plus any substitutions where possible.View in Deck Builder, copied to Clipboard, battle Tag: N/A.Janalai, the Dragonhawk: With all the emphasis on buffing your hero power, this is a natural fit for the deck.Tar Creeper is an excellent Taunt minion against aggro.Deck Import ID: More great Mage guides: General strategy, odd Mage is focused on extracting lots of value out of the Fireblast hero power to kill off minions without using cards.Use Spell Damage buffs to make this window wider and the effect easier to activate.Daring Fire-Eater increases the strength of your hero power ping by two points, so you'll only really want to play it when you can gain this bonus resultat loto samedi 19 aout 2017 effect.
You can play it and ping it on the same turn for five mana to destroy one of your opponents most dangerous minions.

Generally, best when combined with Black Cat to increases those odds even further.Comments, posts"d: Reply, clear All"s, revision:.Blast Wave: Reasonable area of effect damage that also comes with the possibility of adding a few Mage spells to your hand if you hit low health minions.Odd Mage tips, combos and synergies To help you get up to speed with the deck, here are some of the most important combos that exist within this exact deck list.Dropping a 4 / 4 down alongside a copy of Ragnaros the Firelord is tough for many opponents to deal with easily.Baku the Mooneater: A required part to give you an improved hero power at the start of the game.That said casino shop port camargue if you can try to win the game earlier, the better.Theres no hard removal in Odd Mage outside of the two copies of Voodoo Doll.After that, any minion you destroy using your Hero Power will result in another Water Elemental appearing on the board.You can only have cards that cost an odd amount of Mana in your deck list.Daring Fire-Eater - Best saved to play on turn three so you can fit a hero power in alongside it that has a good chance of taking out one of your opponents early minions.Stonehill Defender - A great stalling option against all decks, and you also get to generate an appropriate Taunt minion as well.Our Odd Mage guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.Voodoo Doll: Gives the deck some extremely useful hard removal.You can play out minions such as Tar Creeper and Black Cat on curve, but make sure youre using spare mana to fit in your hero power where possible.
When played you'll gain five points of Armor and also summon a Water Elemental with Lifesteal.
Arcane Tyrant can be played for free on the same turn you cast a five or more mana cost spell.

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